23 Disember 2013

Lelaki Biasa-Biasa

Zack, seorang lelaki biasa-biasa, hanya punya SPM, dan bekerja sendiri sebagai seorang peniaga burger di simpang jalan.

Wan, seorang lelaki biasa-biasa, graduan UiTM jurusan kejuruteraan mekanikal, dan bekerja di salah sebuah syarikat cari gali di ibu kota.

Apa beza Wan dan Zack?

Anita, gadis jelita yang mahu mencari calon suami.

Sekiranya anda adalah Anita, yang mana satukah pilihan anda? Adakah Zack, peniaga burger ataupun Wan si Jurutera?

Ya, ini sangat subjektif. Tapi kebanyakan orang akan memilih Wan sebagai calon suami pilihan berbanding Zack hanya kerana bersandarkan kerjaya Wan selaku seorang jurutera. 

Kenapa begitu? 

Fikirkan sendiri.

Harga terkini- RM 144/gram.

Kalau 100 gram?

06 Disember 2013

The Solution?

So after doing some research and brainstorming, this is the outcome from my recent post entitled


the picture might be a little bit blurry, but its still readable, right?

So yeah, thanks to a friend of friend of mine, who share this stuff with me.

It wasn't that complicated, actually.

What you must have first is capital. Tak banyak, RM13,300 je.

Haha, it was a quite huge amount of money actually.

But you can start with a smaller amount first. Say, RM1,330?

Yup, this is what I am about to do.

May the odds be ever in my favor, InsyaAllah, Amin.

26 November 2013

Something To Ponder

Im already 23 and still a full time student. So by 28, I will get married to you, InsyaAllah. So roughly i need to have a saving account circa RM50,000 by the age of 28. Mathematically, i need to save about RM925 per month, starting January 2014 until December 2018 in ASB that have around 8% interest, so that in 4 years time, my saving is enough to allow me to marry you.

this is the calculation:

Target money in 2018, f= RM50,000
Saving in ASB with Interest, i = 8%
Period from 2014 to 2018, N=4 years
For 8% interest rate for 4 years, the Sinking Factor = 0.2219

Saving needed per year, P = (A/F,i,N)
                                         = (50,000 x 0.2219)
                                         = RM11,095

So my savng per month, P/month = 11,095/12
                                                   = RM 924.58
                                                   = RM 925

Correct me if my calculation is wrong, but approximately this is the amount of money that I need to save in order to marry you in 2018.

This is the ultimate question :


So i have something to ponder.

Do i need to work as a part timer so that i can get extra money?

If the answer is yes, what kind of work should i do as a full time student that can give me a salary of RM1,000 per month?

23 November 2013

Quotes of The Day

"Sometimes, the easiest thing is the hardest thing to do" - Fadhli Rosli, 2013

10 November 2013

MUET 2014

Yup, less than a week to register for March 2014 session.

the fees is RM101. Expensive? kalau tak suka, sila ambil exam lain.

and im still didnt get my allowance from my sponsors.

Shit just get real. padan muka kau.

03 November 2013

Luaskan Kuasamu

kau dah lama tahu pasal benda tu.

kau buat-buat tak tahu.

kau dah lama tahu mudahnya buat benda tu.

kau takut akan kegagalan.

kau dah lama nak buat benda tu.

kau takut, takutkan apa, aku pun tak tahu.

Biarlah apa orang nak kata.
Biarlah, biarlah mereka dengan skeptikal mereka.

Kau dengan cara kau, mereka dengan cara mereka.

Dunia ini luas, kenapa perlu disempitkan?

Kau dah cuba, mudah bukan?

Selamat berjaya, aku doakan buat kau, wahai Tuan Blog. 

25 Oktober 2013


aku rasa kau pun pernah
sebab aku pun pernah
kita semua pernah
jangan kata kau tak pernah

apa yang aku pernah,
kau takkan dapat untuk pernahkannya


kau selalu pernah apa yang aku tak pernah.

p/s- im currently reading Fynn Jamal's book. so the poetry mood is on!

15 Oktober 2013



Dah lama tak menulis dalam bahasa Melayu. Bukan lupa diri, tapi cuba untuk memajukan diri. Macam ustaz Syamsul Badli (USB) pesan.

"Bawak kereta memang pandang depan, tapi kena tengok side mirror, kot-kot ada awek cun bawak BMW kat belakang."

Maju. Memang susah nak majukan diri. Banyak sangat rintangan. Tak percaya? Cuba esok time kelas, kau duduk depan sekali. Mesti kau akan diperli teman-teman sebab selama ni tak pernah kau duduk di barisan hadapan waktu kelas.

Nak contoh lain?

Cari sendiri.

"Sampai bila Melayu nak kena suap?" -Nazif Hakim

Aku pun dalam proses untuk memajukan diri. Kau?

Kerja rumah sudah siap. Semua orang sudah ke alam fantasi.

Selamat malam, orang Kota Bharu.

I miss you.

08 Oktober 2013

Wordless Wednesday

p/s- First class of Final Year starts today. Time to cuddle with books and notes!

03 Oktober 2013

Clueless Thursday.

Everything is ready. Time to go!

"The further you push your comfort zone, the bigger the world you see. And the more you see, the lower your pride would be." -Fynn Jamal

23 September 2013

Its Semester Break, People!


Its 2 week semester break for me, and I already have a lot of plans to do to fill in my holiday.

1- Volunteering Event
2- Training for 10KM Running Event
3- Babysit Ulfah & Rifat.
4- Planning for a better future.

Yup, I was selected to participate as a volunteer in Standard Chartered Marathon this coming weekend. I also selected to participate as a volunteer in Karnival Ekspo Kemahiran Kebangsaan 2013 (KEKK 2013) that will be held in MAEPS Serdang from 27th to 29th September. But maybe I had to let go the marathon event due to the timing and location, I dunno. lets just go with the flow, and who know Im able to catch up with both event, if God's will.

Starting from yesterday, I already had my training to regain my fitness. Hopefully my condition will get better in this 2 weeks time.

Last week, Hidayah and me went to a seminar, conducted by a friend of friend of mine. The seminar is basically about how to manage our financial, using the tools that are already provided. From my point of view, I can conclude that saving is very important. And set our target clearly, so that we can make a better plan to achieve our target. I already had my target, how about you?

 A mind blowing seminar

 At Pullman Lakeside.

Thats all. Thanks for reading!

18 September 2013

16 September 2013

Three, Just Three Would Be Enough


As I writing this post, i just had finished packing my stuff and later i'll be heading home after struggling this whole week with final exams.

Actually I wanna share with you guys about my activities yesterday, where my roommate and I went to Sungai Pisang, Gombak for a camping, since our exam is already over and we need to celebrate it, the "Kelompok Kita" style. But unfortunately I was rushing right now, so I just share 3 out of hundreds pictures to tell you everything!

Follow my Instagram for more pictures!


Its time to go Home!

Thanks for reading!

11 September 2013



i just finished my second paper out of 5 paper. So before i start reading my notes, i feel like i wanna write something.

Have you guys make a random thing once in your life? xkisah lah, u randomly drive all the way from KL to Genting, randomly go to a restaurant and sit beside a stranger? randomly sms a number that u randomly choose?

Just like me, I randomly went for a breakfast at D'bukit, and I sat beside a stranger. I dunno him, where he live, I dont even know his name. while waiting for my roti canai, I was reading newspaper. Then he randomly spoke to me.

"Tengok game Malaysia VS Myanmar tak hari tu?'

"Tengok, tapi kejap-kejap je Bang."

"Aku rasa Team Ong Kim Swee boleh pergi jauh kalau nak banding ngan team Rajagopal."and the conversation continues. You know what, I was there for about 2 hours, chatting with this stranger, and he even insisted to pay my bill. I don't know, whether it is normal or not to do so. But when i went home, I feel happy because I can share almost everything to the stranger, and so do him. I wonder if the stranger happened to be a woman, for sure i won't have a 2 hour conversation. Paling lama pun 2 minit agaknya.

So that was the random thing that I do for today.

Thanks for reading!

03 September 2013

I wanna go!

I haven't play my ukulele for quite a long time. the last song that I learnt was Yuna's song, Lelaki, tapi intro je lah. Hopefully after exam, i can spend more time on you, Mr Uke. 

And guess what, i found this awesome poster!

So anyone interested? Thanks for reading!

25 Ogos 2013

As You Requested.


Since a friend of mine asked me to update my blog, so i'll just make a quick update.

Since this is the last week of August, I should start focusing on my study as September is a month of torture; my final exam! I got tonnes of work and stuff to do, hopefully I can manage my time well. No more open house, i bet? damnnnnn!

Let me share with you guys my time table for final. Do pray for me!

Thanks for reading!

19 Ogos 2013

Syawal?Shawal? Its Hari Raya!


Today is already 12th of Syawal, and the mood is still on, though I was already in Bangi. I still enjoy my Raya, not to mention that I had to submit 7++ assignments and projects in 2 weeks, and exam is in 3 weeks time!

"Ah, exam je pun. Raya setahun sekali kott."- Quoted from my ex-schoolmate.


So, the 1st week of Syawal was awesomeeeee! As usual, on the 1st day of Syawal, after the "forgive and forget" session with my family, we gathered at Atuk's Crib, which is nearby to my house. Tak sampai 2 minit dah sampai, so its really close to my house. as a Javanese, we have a tradition called "Baraan" which is all of family members will walk house by house.

Since I was too lazy to share to you guys about my activities during Shawal, allow me to just share my pictures of celebrating Eid. A picture can tell 1001 stories, but how about 100 pictures?


Baraan + selfie

Cikgu Asnah's

Izzi's Open House

With le ex-scoolmate

Didi's Open House
Nia's Open House

So these are some of the pictures that i stole from my friend's Instagram. Do follow my instagram- padle1158 ok!haha

huh? on my next post, iAllah.

Thank you for reading! 

14 Jun 2013

Multitasking? No?

Hey readers!

Sorry for not updating anything since April, if im not mistaken. Im too busy right now, since i was chosen to become one of the head committee for Uniten Cup. For Uniten students, especially guys, one of the main reason they study in Uniten is to be able to play football with their teammates in Uniten Cup. This year's Uniten Cup, i was invited to join Athletic Bilbao, a new club consisting of all my classmates. Last year I played with Stoke City, and the previous year, i played with Sparta Prague. How awesome is that, to play with 3 different teams in 3 years. And maybe next year, which is my final year in Uniten, i'll be joining a new team, who knows? Ceh, sepak bola pun tonjol, xpower mana pun sebenarnya. Tapi peduli apa, yang penting enjoy.

Tang main bola dengan Athletic Bilbao tu memang best. But the s**t part, i need to handle a Multimedia Team with all these shitty stuff, like updating twitter, FB Fanpage, blog, team pictures, anything that relate to Multimedia lah, senang cerita.  Luckily my crews are pretty awesome. They managed to do their part, and hopefully everything will went smoothly. Ada lagi 3 minggu nak abis Uniten Cup, and i feel like forever for this event to come to the end.

 Acah-acah sakit je sebenarnya tu. hewhew

Till then, thank you for reading!

16 April 2013

I Hate April!

Such a loooong day to finish my 11th week of internship. I have to admit, I can't stop praying that April will leave faster, so in May I can become a normal guy, who wakes up late, brunch, watching movies on the laptop, playing soccer in the evening, playing guitar until late night. Damn you April, please end faster!

31 Mac 2013

Oz Wannabe?

What a crazy day i would say.

Saturday, 30th March 2013. A day full with activities, either planned or not. Sometimes its good when you already plan to do something but for me, to do something unplanned is much more exciting, just like last night.

Its all started after I'm on my way to Penan's homie at Precint 9, Putrajaya after attending a so-called Seminar at USIM, Nilai. Hidayah asked me to accompany her riding a hot air balloon at Precint 2 since she's been dreaming of doing it since she was a kid, I guess.

We already planned of doing it few years back, but I always gave her excuses, not because Im scared of height, but the facts that we need to start queing as early as 5.30 in the morning, was freaking me out.

Honestly speaking, im not a morning person, but yesterday I decided, why don't I give it a try, cause its not something that happened all the times. Bila lagi nak naik belon kan? Kapal terbang dah mainstream, Bro.

So yeah, everything went well, although we have to wait for about 5 freaking hour before we managed to ride the hot air balloon for less than 10 minutes. Nope, less than 5 minutes i would say. Ridiculous, right? Unplanned, I would say.

But u know what, I can proudly tell my son and daughter that i used to become Oz and riding a hot air balloon. kau ada? haha!

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading!

29 Mac 2013


I just bored, got nothing to do in this office. Nak masuk production, malas.
So I just sit, and pretending I was busy. Naah, busy lah sangat.

Got meeting in 10 minutes with my new assistant manager. K, that's all!

27 Mac 2013

The Comeback!


The last time i posted something in this blog was on September 2012. Blogging for me is not fun as it was. But here I am tonight, trying to write something, just to remind myself that i have my own personal blog, and maybe somebody might want to know about me, hopefully. haha!

Well, im doin good, for now. Im currently doing my internship at Upeca Engineering, Jalan Kebun, an oil and gas company, that what Google said lah. I still have another 1 month to go to complete my 3 torturing month of internship. But it wasnt that bad at all, at least I gain something that can help me decide my future. Hanging around with different people from different background had opened my eyes. Work politics, workaholic machinist, kaki mengular maintenance, and the most beloved HR who was very particular about working hour. 

I just follow what Abah told me on the first day i wanna ride to Upeca. Yes, im riding my Honda Wave Ultimo from home to Jalan Kebun for about 40 minutes every weekdays. Problem? Abah said, 
"Masuk tempat orang, jangan nak berlagak sombong. Niat tu kena betul. Tak tahu, tanya."

20 days to go, and I cant wait to finish this Internship Program!

my own masterpiece!