27 Mac 2013

The Comeback!


The last time i posted something in this blog was on September 2012. Blogging for me is not fun as it was. But here I am tonight, trying to write something, just to remind myself that i have my own personal blog, and maybe somebody might want to know about me, hopefully. haha!

Well, im doin good, for now. Im currently doing my internship at Upeca Engineering, Jalan Kebun, an oil and gas company, that what Google said lah. I still have another 1 month to go to complete my 3 torturing month of internship. But it wasnt that bad at all, at least I gain something that can help me decide my future. Hanging around with different people from different background had opened my eyes. Work politics, workaholic machinist, kaki mengular maintenance, and the most beloved HR who was very particular about working hour. 

I just follow what Abah told me on the first day i wanna ride to Upeca. Yes, im riding my Honda Wave Ultimo from home to Jalan Kebun for about 40 minutes every weekdays. Problem? Abah said, 
"Masuk tempat orang, jangan nak berlagak sombong. Niat tu kena betul. Tak tahu, tanya."

20 days to go, and I cant wait to finish this Internship Program!

my own masterpiece!

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setakat post stahun skali bek xyh post del..haha..bosan ak kt arbeitsplatz bace blog ko yg jrg update ny..haha