14 Jun 2013

Multitasking? No?

Hey readers!

Sorry for not updating anything since April, if im not mistaken. Im too busy right now, since i was chosen to become one of the head committee for Uniten Cup. For Uniten students, especially guys, one of the main reason they study in Uniten is to be able to play football with their teammates in Uniten Cup. This year's Uniten Cup, i was invited to join Athletic Bilbao, a new club consisting of all my classmates. Last year I played with Stoke City, and the previous year, i played with Sparta Prague. How awesome is that, to play with 3 different teams in 3 years. And maybe next year, which is my final year in Uniten, i'll be joining a new team, who knows? Ceh, sepak bola pun tonjol, xpower mana pun sebenarnya. Tapi peduli apa, yang penting enjoy.

Tang main bola dengan Athletic Bilbao tu memang best. But the s**t part, i need to handle a Multimedia Team with all these shitty stuff, like updating twitter, FB Fanpage, blog, team pictures, anything that relate to Multimedia lah, senang cerita.  Luckily my crews are pretty awesome. They managed to do their part, and hopefully everything will went smoothly. Ada lagi 3 minggu nak abis Uniten Cup, and i feel like forever for this event to come to the end.

 Acah-acah sakit je sebenarnya tu. hewhew

Till then, thank you for reading!

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