26 November 2013

Something To Ponder

Im already 23 and still a full time student. So by 28, I will get married to you, InsyaAllah. So roughly i need to have a saving account circa RM50,000 by the age of 28. Mathematically, i need to save about RM925 per month, starting January 2014 until December 2018 in ASB that have around 8% interest, so that in 4 years time, my saving is enough to allow me to marry you.

this is the calculation:

Target money in 2018, f= RM50,000
Saving in ASB with Interest, i = 8%
Period from 2014 to 2018, N=4 years
For 8% interest rate for 4 years, the Sinking Factor = 0.2219

Saving needed per year, P = (A/F,i,N)
                                         = (50,000 x 0.2219)
                                         = RM11,095

So my savng per month, P/month = 11,095/12
                                                   = RM 924.58
                                                   = RM 925

Correct me if my calculation is wrong, but approximately this is the amount of money that I need to save in order to marry you in 2018.

This is the ultimate question :


So i have something to ponder.

Do i need to work as a part timer so that i can get extra money?

If the answer is yes, what kind of work should i do as a full time student that can give me a salary of RM1,000 per month?

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intan nur hadilah berkata...

awww. tak tahu kenapa tapi aku rasa this is sweet. a future detail planning, is what i really think a girl looks in a guy. selamat maju jaya :)

E'in berkata...

wah! bagus2.. perancangan awal itu perlu.. :)