16 September 2013

Three, Just Three Would Be Enough


As I writing this post, i just had finished packing my stuff and later i'll be heading home after struggling this whole week with final exams.

Actually I wanna share with you guys about my activities yesterday, where my roommate and I went to Sungai Pisang, Gombak for a camping, since our exam is already over and we need to celebrate it, the "Kelompok Kita" style. But unfortunately I was rushing right now, so I just share 3 out of hundreds pictures to tell you everything!

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Its time to go Home!

Thanks for reading!

6 ulasan:

Gieyana berkata...

Bestnyer camping! Xtvt at kolej/school adalah xtvr yg sgt best n zaman ni ler zaman yg sgt seronok!

Nazif Hakim berkata...

weyh best wey!

PADLE berkata...

Memang sangat best kak Gie! Kalau dah kerja mesti payah nak beraktiviti macam ni kan?

PADLE berkata...

Kalau semua ahli KK ade lagu seronok rasenye

Gieyana berkata...

Betui2..sokong 200%..tmbh lk klau dh da family..busy dgn family komitmen..:)

Insta kak G under 'gieyana' k..:)

asha hana berkata...

camping. best !