23 September 2013

Its Semester Break, People!


Its 2 week semester break for me, and I already have a lot of plans to do to fill in my holiday.

1- Volunteering Event
2- Training for 10KM Running Event
3- Babysit Ulfah & Rifat.
4- Planning for a better future.

Yup, I was selected to participate as a volunteer in Standard Chartered Marathon this coming weekend. I also selected to participate as a volunteer in Karnival Ekspo Kemahiran Kebangsaan 2013 (KEKK 2013) that will be held in MAEPS Serdang from 27th to 29th September. But maybe I had to let go the marathon event due to the timing and location, I dunno. lets just go with the flow, and who know Im able to catch up with both event, if God's will.

Starting from yesterday, I already had my training to regain my fitness. Hopefully my condition will get better in this 2 weeks time.

Last week, Hidayah and me went to a seminar, conducted by a friend of friend of mine. The seminar is basically about how to manage our financial, using the tools that are already provided. From my point of view, I can conclude that saving is very important. And set our target clearly, so that we can make a better plan to achieve our target. I already had my target, how about you?

 A mind blowing seminar

 At Pullman Lakeside.

Thats all. Thanks for reading!

18 September 2013

16 September 2013

Three, Just Three Would Be Enough


As I writing this post, i just had finished packing my stuff and later i'll be heading home after struggling this whole week with final exams.

Actually I wanna share with you guys about my activities yesterday, where my roommate and I went to Sungai Pisang, Gombak for a camping, since our exam is already over and we need to celebrate it, the "Kelompok Kita" style. But unfortunately I was rushing right now, so I just share 3 out of hundreds pictures to tell you everything!

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Its time to go Home!

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11 September 2013



i just finished my second paper out of 5 paper. So before i start reading my notes, i feel like i wanna write something.

Have you guys make a random thing once in your life? xkisah lah, u randomly drive all the way from KL to Genting, randomly go to a restaurant and sit beside a stranger? randomly sms a number that u randomly choose?

Just like me, I randomly went for a breakfast at D'bukit, and I sat beside a stranger. I dunno him, where he live, I dont even know his name. while waiting for my roti canai, I was reading newspaper. Then he randomly spoke to me.

"Tengok game Malaysia VS Myanmar tak hari tu?'

"Tengok, tapi kejap-kejap je Bang."

"Aku rasa Team Ong Kim Swee boleh pergi jauh kalau nak banding ngan team Rajagopal."and the conversation continues. You know what, I was there for about 2 hours, chatting with this stranger, and he even insisted to pay my bill. I don't know, whether it is normal or not to do so. But when i went home, I feel happy because I can share almost everything to the stranger, and so do him. I wonder if the stranger happened to be a woman, for sure i won't have a 2 hour conversation. Paling lama pun 2 minit agaknya.

So that was the random thing that I do for today.

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03 September 2013

I wanna go!

I haven't play my ukulele for quite a long time. the last song that I learnt was Yuna's song, Lelaki, tapi intro je lah. Hopefully after exam, i can spend more time on you, Mr Uke. 

And guess what, i found this awesome poster!

So anyone interested? Thanks for reading!