31 Mac 2013

Oz Wannabe?

What a crazy day i would say.

Saturday, 30th March 2013. A day full with activities, either planned or not. Sometimes its good when you already plan to do something but for me, to do something unplanned is much more exciting, just like last night.

Its all started after I'm on my way to Penan's homie at Precint 9, Putrajaya after attending a so-called Seminar at USIM, Nilai. Hidayah asked me to accompany her riding a hot air balloon at Precint 2 since she's been dreaming of doing it since she was a kid, I guess.

We already planned of doing it few years back, but I always gave her excuses, not because Im scared of height, but the facts that we need to start queing as early as 5.30 in the morning, was freaking me out.

Honestly speaking, im not a morning person, but yesterday I decided, why don't I give it a try, cause its not something that happened all the times. Bila lagi nak naik belon kan? Kapal terbang dah mainstream, Bro.

So yeah, everything went well, although we have to wait for about 5 freaking hour before we managed to ride the hot air balloon for less than 10 minutes. Nope, less than 5 minutes i would say. Ridiculous, right? Unplanned, I would say.

But u know what, I can proudly tell my son and daughter that i used to become Oz and riding a hot air balloon. kau ada? haha!

Thats all for now. Thanks for reading!

2 ulasan:

yaSMin berkata...

lame gile nak tunggu turn naik balloon!! tapi, berbaloi kot! gambar kat balloon takde ke padle? hehe

PADLE berkata...

yasmin- gambo naik balloon xde la mimin, sebab eksaited sangat nek belon sampai nak amek gamba pun kelam kabut.haha!