25 Jun 2014


Sedih yang teramat bila pasukan kesayangan tak dapat jadi juara Liga Super. Tapi nak buat camne kan, JDT lebih layak.

Tahniah buat JDT. All the best untuk AFC tahun depan.

Misi 33 kembali lagi.

Jumpa lagi di Piala Malaysia lepas raya nanti.


02 Jun 2014

A Trip to Remember ; Melbourne & Perhentian Island

May 2014.
A month full of activities, and a lot of money was well spent during that month.

1-6th May 2014

A not-so-well-prepared trip to Melbourne.
But Alhamdulillah, everything went well. Let the pictures do the talking.

25-29th May

Another extraordinary trip to Perhentian Island, Terengganu with my beloved housemates of #KelompokKita.

Since we will be finishing our degree on October, InsyaAllah, so my friend planned to have a getaway for 8 of us to an island.

Seriously, it wasn't an easy task to gather all 8 of us to go for a holiday, but Alhamdulillah, we all made it.

And again, let the pictures do the talking.

So yeah, we do enjoy ourselves.

Kudos for the awesome pictures, Nazif Hakim and also the organizer who did a lot of works so that our trip is a success.

That's all. Now back to reality.

New semester had just began, and its time to cuddle with the books, again!