06 Disember 2013

The Solution?

So after doing some research and brainstorming, this is the outcome from my recent post entitled


the picture might be a little bit blurry, but its still readable, right?

So yeah, thanks to a friend of friend of mine, who share this stuff with me.

It wasn't that complicated, actually.

What you must have first is capital. Tak banyak, RM13,300 je.

Haha, it was a quite huge amount of money actually.

But you can start with a smaller amount first. Say, RM1,330?

Yup, this is what I am about to do.

May the odds be ever in my favor, InsyaAllah, Amin.

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Illiana Hidayah berkata...

aminnn...semoga impian tercapai...cpt2 sikit bina masjid tu dude! hehehhe...