11 September 2013



i just finished my second paper out of 5 paper. So before i start reading my notes, i feel like i wanna write something.

Have you guys make a random thing once in your life? xkisah lah, u randomly drive all the way from KL to Genting, randomly go to a restaurant and sit beside a stranger? randomly sms a number that u randomly choose?

Just like me, I randomly went for a breakfast at D'bukit, and I sat beside a stranger. I dunno him, where he live, I dont even know his name. while waiting for my roti canai, I was reading newspaper. Then he randomly spoke to me.

"Tengok game Malaysia VS Myanmar tak hari tu?'

"Tengok, tapi kejap-kejap je Bang."

"Aku rasa Team Ong Kim Swee boleh pergi jauh kalau nak banding ngan team Rajagopal."and the conversation continues. You know what, I was there for about 2 hours, chatting with this stranger, and he even insisted to pay my bill. I don't know, whether it is normal or not to do so. But when i went home, I feel happy because I can share almost everything to the stranger, and so do him. I wonder if the stranger happened to be a woman, for sure i won't have a 2 hour conversation. Paling lama pun 2 minit agaknya.

So that was the random thing that I do for today.

Thanks for reading!

2 ulasan:

Gieyana berkata...

Adikkkkkk...long time no c.....hope everything ok n gd luck..:)

Nazif Hakim berkata...

saya pn penah buat benda random, jawap final dengan randomnya