23 Oktober 2010


We All Know TAJ MAHAL As Symbol Of Love

But The Other Lesser Known Facts are:

1. Mumtaz Was Shahjahan's 4th Wife Out Of His 7 Wives.

2. Shahjahan Killed Mumtaz's Husband To Marry Her

3. Mumtaz Died In Her 14th Delivery

4. He Then Married Mumtaz's Sister

Question Arises Where The HELL IS THE LOVE??

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nemo~ berkata...

ur blog is kind of interesting..... i luv to read it.... bTw,,, if u got a free tym,,, feel free to view and be my follower k? tQvM.... :)..


shahusainy-anny berkata...

love this.

padle berkata...

nemo-thnx 4 reading my blog..i'll view yours n folo,k!