29 Oktober 2009

tips given by she...

Here's what this guy thinks all guys would never do if they were to become the Perfect Boyfriend(tm):

1) Forget your birthday. This used to be a hall of fame reason for breaking up. Then along came Facebook. Which is great! Except now we really have no more excuses.

2) Invent new excuses for forgetting your birthday. E.g. "Darling, everyday is your birthday."

3) Let you get wet in the rain. God invented umbrellas so that man could show off his chivalry. And also his stupidity since he never uses one when he's alone.

4) Make you pay for the first date. And second. And third. And if you actually show up for the fourth, you need professional help. Or Zac Efron in a loincloth.

5) Lie about similar interests. E.g. "You're into ballet? Me too!"

6) Not open the door for you. But if he starts opening bathroom doors and taps for you too then you need to find a new door opener.

7) Call you endearingly cutesy names which would make even Pikachu raise an eyebrow. E.g. 'snuggle bunny', 'cutie patootie'. But yes, you get to call him that anytime.

8) Tell you that you are fat all the time. Ditch him. You may be spatially challenged but he's socially challenged.

9) Be late for dates. Prince Charming(tm) never arrived late to save the princess from the evil dragon. There wouldn't be much princess left to save if he did.


10) Make fun of you in front of his friends, your friends, everybody. You want a man, not a comedian.

11) Let you decide on everything from menues to bath times. You want a man, not a Chihuahua.

12) Never calls you, then blames Maxis.

13) Opposite of never calls you. And whines about why you never call him as often. The last thing a girl needs is a guy who is twice the girl she is.

14) Be scared of cockraches. You want a man, not a hairy chicken.( kbod takot lipas..!)

15) Tell you to stop hanging out with your friends. A good comeback would be 'only if you stop hanging out with yours' *insert big smiley*.

16) Force his beliefs on you. It's like trying to feed a barrel of KFC to a vegetarian. I just don't think he'll be licking his fingers after that.

17) Tell you that he loves you heart, body and soul. But gets your name wrong. Game over.

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Nur Hidayah berkata...

i think i gave this to u.....
cutie patootie....=)